4×4 Trails

Our 4×4 trail offers exhilarating dune driving and scenic views of the farm. The route goes through a game camp and you may see a series of wildlife such as springbuck, oryx, and blue wildebeest. Only self-drive routes are available and booking is essential.

Sunset Spots

Come escape the everyday hustle and lose yourself in the sacred silence of the living Kalahari desert while enjoying the breathtaking backdrop of red dunes and camelthorn trees with the view of a golden African sunset.

Hiking Trails

There is no better way to experience the majestic Kalahari than a hot and dusty hike through the red dunes. See various wildlife, birds, and plant species while you explore on foot. Make sure to pack a water bottle and hiking shoes!


Capture iconic Green Kalahari images such as a springbok with a backdrop of red sand, or the silhouette of an oryx on a dune. Other wildlife on the farm includes animals such as red hartebeest, ostrich, giraffe, blue wildebeest, and meerkat.

Bar & Swimming Pool

The heat of the Kalahari desert can be tiring. Come and cool down in the swimming pool with stunning views.

Air Strip

S26 52’56.800 / E 20 46’54.897   . 17/35  . 2780ft. The airstrip at Dreghorn is currently under construction and fly-in visitors should consult with management before using the strip.

Kgalagadi Park

Easily accessible for day excursions. One of the largest conservation areas in Africa and a jewel in the crown of South Africa’s national parks, the Kgalagadi offers people the chance to experience the beauty of the Kalahari. Lions still roam free and the majestic gemsbok and red hartebeest can be appreciated against the backdrop of red dunes, sweeping grassland, and clear blue skies.


Two hundred and sixty-four species of birds have been recorded in this area of the Green Kalahari, however, the majority of birds are not resident species and are irregular visitors. Many of the birds cannot survive all year round in the Kalahari and migrate to areas where there are more favorable conditions. Dreghorn hosts an exceptionally large flock of Vultures. Vultures are an important part of Africa’s ecosystem.

Curios & Necessities

We offer basic needs such as wood, ice, water, and soft drinks. Speak to Reception to find out about our available gifts.

Other activities in the area

  • Park Kalahari trails – 32 km away
    Guided walks, sundowners, meerkat experiences, after-dusk scorpion hunts | Contact Richard Rasa at +27 (0)73 963 8577
  • Rooiduin Gastehuis / Red Dune Guest House – 36 km away
    4×4 trail, sandboarding, traditional roosterkoek lunches | Contact Alida Mouton at +27 (0)63 846 1307
  • Vinkie Enterprises – 17 km away
    Game drives, Khoman San guided walks, tracking on Erin game Farm | Vinkie van der Westhuizen at +27 (0)72 977 0120
  • Bushman’s Rest – 18 km  away
    Guided morning walks en medicinal plant tours | Contact Barbara Raats at +27 (0)78 328 0578
  • Aunt Koeras Farm Kitchen – 19 km away
    Traditional meals and stories regarding the history of the Kalahari and folklore | Contact Koera +27 (0)83 588 3846
  • Diamond T Coffee Shop – 30 km  away
    Breakfasts, light lunches, homemade bread, rolls, rusks, cookies, and preserves. Variety of curio from the Kalahari as well as frozen meats, chicken, and pies | Contact Elodi Naude  at +27 (0)82 566 8110
  • African Camel Milk – 110km away
    Milking of camels as well as production of various products derived from camel milk | Contact Hans Knoesen at +27 (0)83 272 2164
  • Hakskeen Pan –  85km away
    World-renowned for the stage where the Bloodhound team has attempted to break the current land speed record and the sound barrier at 1000mph | Contact Gertruida Bott at +27 (0)72 159 6726
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